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It is an advantage being an artist myself complementing a key role as Art Consultant for your Home or Business with the eyes of visual artist. Throughout the eight-year of running Uncooked Culture, working with over 100 artists from different parts of the world, making plans for design and layout of exhibitions with large amount of artwork that are extremely diverse in style, the usage of visual elements and format, in various structure of space has accumulated a vast experience and trust from artists and venue's hosts.


Art Consultancy is as rewarding and fascinating as exhibition curating along its process of shaping up mood and personality of someone’s house with paintings to make it a distinctive and impressive home or working along with interior designers to transform a private or commercial “concrete space” into an “adorable atmosphere”. I Live & Love my job!


I have in hand both worldwide and local network of artists with broad range of spectrum from raw culture to cutting edge, various scale from mini to extra-large and in diverse format; painting, drawing, sculpture or photography, ready to blend in the projects of interior designers, architects and private clients’ dream for their own home.


The work process is straightforward, you open up what are in your mind such as concept, theme, mood or style and I interpret them into an artistic recipe aligned with your provided ingredients to present you.

It is no investment of time or financial resources on your part since the entire process is managed from my end until you are happy with my proposed recipe.


I also connect to a network of bespoke furniture designers & producers who are specialize in customizing their work to your imagination and taste.



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Costa del Sol - Spain

Managed by NOK the founder & curator [since 2011]


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Mimi Ripoll's Studio

Jim Meehan's Home

Ideas get exclusively made Real

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Personalized Furniture

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Design to Function