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ONE BARE FOOT SQUARE’ is a collaborative artist-led travelling mosaic canvas. The individual artworks form one big piece.

Artists create a One Foot square canvas forming a bigger piece with variable dimensions depending on the exhibition space. Self-taught and Outsider artists, Schooled-artists & artists from all other background and margin, are contributing their creations as its boundary-crossing principle progresses. The mosaic canvas projects a spectrum, weaving together each individual’s life journey; reflecting on their experience, hopes, thoughts & imagination through their diverse practice, from doodles, painting, stencil to mixed-media.



One Bare Foot Square intends to create platform that provides opportunity to artists from all cultural, geographical and educational backgrounds to show their work around the world. The project designs a specific format of artworks that does not only challenge artists to create artworks in small square shape canvas but also makes the project practical to be transported along its route across the world. The project aims to create accessibility of the art, taking artists’ diverse creations that contribute artistic experience and knowledge from artists to inspire wider community worldwide.



Inspired by Uncooked Culture’s ‘Circus Terminal Worldwide’ - a relay art adventure around the globe, ‘One Bare Foot Square’ continues the raw experimental style, with strictly no jury curatorial style involved. Since 2012, Circus Terminal Worldwide project with its exhibitions have been held in 9 countries, demonstrating a growing Sustainable Artist Community. One Bare Foot Square’s destinations are led by participating artists, who initiate which country it will be hosted in next. Before the project departs from each Stop, local artists are encouraged to join its Next Stops with their One Foot Square creation on canvas.


PARTICIPATING ARTISTS - OBFS in KOREA [Led by Helen Roeten in association with The Living Museum Korea]

Isis Nedloni - Netherlands, Julia Sisi - France, Dan Casado - France, Jim Lockton - UK, Louis Vuittonet - USA, Ian Pyper - UK, Marie-Louise Plum - UK, Alison Silva - USA, Henk Koekenbier - Netherlands, Gustav Glander - Spain, Jim Meehan - USA, Rinaldo Klas - Suriname, Dion Hitchings - USA, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi - Suriname, Evgen Copi - Slovenia, Vasko Vidmir - Slovenia, Edward Woltemate, Jr - USA, Josianne Ishikawa - Japan, Ascension Lorente-Huguet - UK, Kobina Wright - USA, Werens Puig - Spain, Kate Bauen - Switzerland, Carlo Keshishian - UK, Brian Gibson - UK, Rufai Zakari - Ghana, Stephen Judges - USA, Risja Marie Henriëtte Steeghs - Netherlands, Shaundell Horton - Suriname, Jenny Hartley - New Zealand, Lynn Todd - New Zealand, Andrew Stahl - UK, Chakkrit Chimnok - Thailand, Susan Biebuyck - USA, Timothy Campbell - USA, Sancha Sullivan - Suriname, Zoran Milavera - UK/Macedonia, Mahlia Amatina - UK, Tontxi Vazquez - UK, MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick - USA, Nick Stavrides - USA, Renée Rey - USA, Patrick Jude - USA, Mow - UK, Christy Symington- UK, Hiroko Nakajima - Japan/UK, Tom McGill - USA, Chris Czainski - UK, Paul Czainski - UK, Erin O’Rourke - UK, Kristen Woodward - USA, Liz Parkinson - Australia, Bert Schoonhoven - Netherlands, Carla van Slooten - Netherlands, Pam Santi - USA, Jeff Roland - France, Jade Chorkularb - UK, Gareth Hughes - UK, Sandra Mendelsohn - Netherlands, Sejin Park - South Korea, Yvonne Mabs Francis - UK, Miranda Sky - UK, Helen Roeten - Netherlands, John Adkins - USA, Edward Kingsbury III - USA, Eva Preston -USA, Jeroen Rolf Schoonhoven - Netherlands, Rosie McLeish - UK, Florain Haeck - Netherlands, Ezra Swaanswijk - Netherlands, Judith McNicol - UK, Cathy Ward - UK, Yairs Agam-Aa - Netherlands, Norbert de Jong - Netherlands,  P.M. Jordense-Michalski - Netherlands, Jason Hankins - USA, Sophie M. Adams - UK, Chutima Kerdpitak(Nok) - UK + 14 artists from OBFS Thailand, Ittirawee Chotirawee, Sayarm Puengudom, Nuttapong Harnsook, Potjawan Panjinda, Rootjanakawin Ploysomboon, Raywat Deekaew, Busui Ajor, Aekapong Jaiboon, Jirawan Rewatto, Phantong Saenchan, Somluck Pantiboon, Wittaya Tanakong, Jakkapan Kaitabaen, Puttalak Dadsada, + Additional List of Artists from The Living Museum lab – The Netherlands:

Ingrid Zeegers, Kees Karstens, Nesta Stan, Inge Evers, Margo  van Strijp, Joke Boll, A Gijsbertse + Other Artists from The Netherlands: Ellinidha, Nik Vee, René Koekenbier + local artists in Korea.



One Bare Foot Square

KOREA - April 2018

Led by artist Helen Roeten

In association with

The Living Museum Korea



Launched in Outsider Art Amsterdam Gallery the Hermitage museum, The Netherlands

30 July 2016

One Bare Foot Square.

next STOPS

FB Cover OBFS-KR Julia Sisi

Previous STOPS

1st STOP in AMSTERDAM, Exhibition launched at Outsider Art Gallery

in The Hermitage museum Amsterdam

Led by Bert Schoonhoven  


2nd STOP in LONDON, Exhibition at The Dragon Café – Mental Fight Club

in the crypt of St. George the Martyr London

Led by Marie-Louise Plum, Mental Spaghetti (www.mentalspaghetti.org)


3rd STOP in CHIANG RAI, Exhibition in the gallery of Faculty of Fine Art

at Rajabhat University Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Led by Chakkrit Chimnok, Faculty of Fine Art Rajabhat Chiang Rai University






OneBareFootSquare_Poster Korean edition