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Images from 'CIRCUS TERMINAL WORLDWIDE', artist-led Initiatives held in the UK, SPAIN, FRANCE, THAILAND, USA, HOLLAND, NEW ZEALAND FRINGE FESTIVAL 2014, SLOVENIA & recently in SURINAME, South America.

Uncooked Culture is invented to be a global artists’ network, founded by a multidisciplinary Thai artist, Chutima Kerdpitak(Nok), and established in December 2010 with its Launch of an online social network for artists as a platform to show their works online, get connected to other artists who may have mutual interests, gain opportunities to submit their works to Uncooked Culture initiatives and obtain worldwide exposure from both online publicity and publication from the press such as reviews.












We focus on inspiring artists, based on our barrier-breaking principle, and ordinary members of community all across the planet with our physical projects and activities, including exhibitions. We aim to stimulate and viral the idea of ‘Sustainable Artists’ Community’ by demonstrating collaborative artists’ initiatives, along with collaborative activities among artists and local community in wherever our activities taken place.


One of our missions is also assisting artists to generate revenue from their work of art in various directions. Read on.....



about Uncooked Culture


Dr. Melissa Westbrook, Founder of the Neo-Outsider Art Movement has described the Uncooked Culture in support of its 1st international collaborative project, 'What To Dip', held at Chiang Mai University Art Museum in Thailand, 2011...

“Uncooked Culture, an online community dedicated to fostering free-minded and self-taught artists who are influenced by Insiders and Outsiders but are subservient to neither.” 

Uncooked Culture, Member of The European Outsider Art Association (www.outsiderartassociation.eu)


about Uncooked 'e-gallery-shops'

‘e-gallery-shops’ are created to expand and facilitate accessibility and convenience for ordinary art enthusiasts & collectors to purchase original artworks, prints & crafts, displayed at our physical 'UNCOOKED MOBILE GALLERY', ‘UNCOOKED BOOK’, ‘CIRCUS TERMINAL WORLDWIDE – our current travelling art project, and purchase printed editions of original artworks from ‘UNCOOKED EDITIONS [limited]’ crafts & paper prints [unlimited] projects, from every parts of the world.

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about Uncooked Culture INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVE


Uncooked Culture Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE’ Collaborative Travelling Art Project of Outsiders, Insiders & Neo-Outsiders, (2012 - present)

Launched in Notting Hill London 2012.

Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE grew from 91 works by 41 artists in 12 different countries at its Launch to over 400 works by 98 artists from all over the world at its last Stop in the capital city of Suriname, 2014. All international artists' works had been traveling in a medium size suitcase to our 8 'STOPS' across the globe: Barcelona - Spain 2012, Liverdun(Lorraine Region) - France 2012, Chiang Mai - Thailand 2012, Boyertown(PA) - USA 2013, Amsterdam - The Netherlands 2013, Wellington - New Zealand FRINGE Festival 2014, Piran - Slovenia 2014 & Paramaribo - Suriname 2014.




about Uncooked Culture ARTIST FOUNDER 'Nok'


Chutima Kerdpitak(Nok) UK/Thailand

Artist Founder

Managing Director & Curator at Uncooked Culture


Nok is a multi-disciplinary Thai artist based in London -found objects sculptural installation, mixed media & painting. Nok experienced THE ‘NO’ - the discouragement, common amongst artists.  That discouraged experience led her to a curatorial experimentation of THE ‘YES’ - the encouragement, which furthers opportunities and raises confidence of those passionate and dedicated artists based on barrier-breaking principles.  Through her artistic practice both as an artist and a curator, Nok encourages all of us to investigate ourselves as to who we are, as free-willed individuals, along with influences around us, in order to realize and attempt to gain more of our Freedom of Choice.



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> Every items available in our e-gallery-shops can be viewed and purchased at 'IN OUR GALLERY'.

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> Original artworks from our artists in 'Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE' are available at 'SMALL ORIGINAL ART'.

> Limited editions of various printed crafts with images of artworks are available at 'EDITIONS[LTD] CRAFTS. Each item you purchase, you get a complementary Artist' Biography postcard with the artist' work printed on.

> Diverse unique art classes & workshops facilitated by our passionate artist-tutors can be booked here.

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An Award Winner of The Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS) Annual Bursary Awards in 2008. A Partial Fellowship Award for a 4-week International Artist & Writer in Residency at Vermont Studio Center (VSC) - VT, USA in 2009. The 2nd Place Award Winner from Uncooked Culture presentation, ‘Creative Entrepreneur in Tower Hamlet - The Next Generation’ Idea Pitching, Cultural Industry Development Agency (CIDA) UK in 2010.


Circus Terminal exhibition at its Stop in USA has been listed by an art critic, Ron Schira, as one of the TOP 10 BEST 2013 Exhibitions in Berks County - PA(published in ‘Reading Eagle’ Newspaper -12/29/13)

Photos & stories from Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE journey are public on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CircusTerminalWorldwide 


‘What To Dip’ International Collaborative Environmental/Art Project, Chiang Mai University Art Museum, Thailand(2011)  ‘What To Dip’ artists & sample of artworks of 36 artists from 12 different countries: